#GlobalWarming, Christmas and the #InternetOfThings

"Once upon a time there was a little Shepherd who lived in a town near the woods …".So it starts Peter and the Wolf, one of the tales I read when I was a child. As every tale, Peter and the Wolf, had a moral that now comes to my mind while I am writing this post. As Peter was advised about the Wolf, we have also been advised about Global Warming. Did we learned Peter´s lesson ?

Boring summer vacation in your #SmartCity?

I do not think I am the only one who thinks that life inSmart cities is boring. Underprivileged citizens (most of us) are unable to break the monotony to which we are subjected in these macro moles of cement, steel, and glass. Our life takes on a scheduled basis on weekdays or weekends, on public holidays or during weekdays, with own vehicle or using public transport. No big surprises, we have used or accepted +10 hours daily work, three hours of daily traffic jams or uppercase jams when the siren sounds of the summer holidays.

Sueño Olímpico para hacer #Madrid Top 10 #SmartCities

El próximo 24 de mayo de 2015 se celebrarán las elecciones a la Asamblea Legislativa de la Comunidad de Madrid y de la ciudad de Madrid. Por este motivo he decidido dedicarle este post sobre ciudades inteligentes a Madrid. Y no porque se merezca estar en mi lista de las 12 ciudades más inteligentes del mundo de 2015, sino por mi esperanza de que tras estas eleccioneshaya un grupo municipal gestor con un plan y un objetivo: Hacer que la capital de España ascienda en el reputado índice IESE Cities in Motion (ICIM) 2015 de la posición 35 a estar entre las 10 primeras.

#Boston: The leader in City Science education

The city of Boston was named the most efficient large U.S. city in the American Council in 2013. But the reason why I have included Boston in third place after Dubai and Sunatof the dedicated series of Top List of Smart Cities for 2015 in my blog in i-Ambiente is because I expect Boston will be a reference in City Science Education.

Sunat in India: The need to be #Smart

In January 2015 I started a series of post in my blog in i-Ambiente with my Top List of Smart Cities for 2015. The firstentrywas for Dubai. The second entry is for Sunat in India.

Dubai, Middle Eastern #SmartCity, Reality or Promise

A year ago I started my blog in i-Ambiente. During 12 months I have been writing about challenges in smart cities and how the Internet of the Things will be a key enabler by providing solutions to keep safe and welcoming cities.In 2015 I am going to write a monthly post about the top 12 smart cities on the Planet by crunching a list of variables about innovation and sustainability.

Smart Christmas in #SmartCities

In this last post of 2014, shorter than usual due to the Christmas holidays, I want first of all to thank all the readers who have followed me, Share or Like my posts and I want to thanks i-Ambiente for giving me the opportunity to write in this magnificent portal.

#SmartHomes should help create Smarter Cities

By 2030, four out of five people will live in megacities. Supplying them with power and water will be crucial. Smart Homes should help create a smart cities and megacities. Finally the smart home has really hit its stride. Market analyst expect a compulsive adoption of the smart home.